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Reds & Greens

Saturday, December 22

Christmas and fashion works together just perfectly, right? Especially all the reds and greens. I’m going to share several looks of this previous week. None of the photos show my feet, just so you know, I put the same pair of Winter boots as I do in this outfit.

The first one!

Green!- sleeveless shirt with a bow (Vero Moda)Red! (in this case it’s more of a burgundy) - tights (New Yorker).

I love how the top feels on my body. It’s so loose and light. It’s an amazing top for holidays’ season overall. The color goes really nice with everything else in this outfit, with this just as loose brown pullover, red tights and a pair of plain black shorts.

Second look

Green! - cardigan (Reserved). Reds! - the same pair of tights and a reindeer pin from a handmade thingies store.

I promised I’d share a Christmafied version of this outfit so here it is! My beloved H&M dress looking good with green and red.

I may wear one of these outfits on Christmas Eve/Christmas day, I haven’t decided yet though. I really want to look good this year. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I look like an ugly mess on holidays, gosh, not at all! But I always wear something super simple and comfy on such occasions. A simple tee and a pair of jeans for example. But since we’ll be celebrating Christmas at our place and I’ll have a tons of time to prepare… I may as well look fab. I want to put a nice makeup on, get my hair done, maybe I will curl it, I’m still not sure. People I’ll be surrounded are going to be all family, but I want to dress up anyways. So yeah, I hope I’ll make it happen!

Outfit post: H&M Dress


Monday, December 17

Using a spare minute for an update in between all the holidays’ bustle. This should have gone up last week, but oh well. So basically, what I want to share is an outfit I’ve been wearing quite a lot recently.


Pink cardigan which I wear unbuttoned, light gray dress (H&M), brown tights and these gray-ish/brown Winter wedges.

The part I’m the most excited about is obviously the dress. Believe it or not, I got it at the second-hands store. The day I got it was a perfect timing to find such thing because exactly that day I was going through stores desperate to finally find a perfect dress for a cold season. And there I was, going through the racks of clothes at 2nd hands’. My jaw literally dropped as I saw this dress hanging next to all the ugly ones. 

Totally my favorite purchase of all the latest ones I’ve made. 


The dress is very universal I mean, it’s really easy to find matching pieces of clothing in my closet. Gold buttons on each side gave me an idea to make kind of a Christmafied version of this! I’ll be wearing it this week and will totally share with you all, internet peeps. 

(Source: queentastic)

Friday, October 12. They say “No such thing as too many hats!”. Wait.. it’s me who says that.

"Can I have them all?" I think as I see what stores are offering this season. So many  colors, patterns and shapes. Favorite accessory ever. It can give a completely different look for your outfit. Any kind of a hat immediately makes you look stylish. Yes it does! I dare to call it some kind of a trick that makes you appear more fashionable, so always keep that in mind. And if you’re one of those who claim hats do not fit you or something.. In my opinion, you just have to find that perfect size and shape. You might wanna look into that!

Now that the Fall is here, it’s time to bring back my hats, exactly what I did this week! You can see them in a photo set above. As you can already tell, I love neutrals for hats, but I’m also planning to purchasing something bright this Fall. Beret maybe, I love them. A perfect Fall combo for me is a beret and a cape. Neither of them I own, but maybe one day you know..

So yeah that is about it, now tell me what’s your favorite Fall accessory?


Animal printed and big one in pink nude, both are from Seppalla. Dark brown hat is from H&M. 


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Fall Look ♥

One thing - rare as hell here on Queentastic - yeah, outfit posts. Definitely a thing I’d like to see more of on my blog. But I barely take pictures of it anymore, let’s hope I’ll get back to it in the future.

So, lemme tell you about this look I’m sharing with you today. It’s such a beloved one. I love rocking it by wearing my new wedges. Other shoes would give a completely different look and I’m loving the one that these wedges create! I also love how it’s casual and fancy at the same time. Wedges and gold studs makes it fancy and this over-sized sweater in soft autumn-ish brown gives more of a comfy and casual look. That’s why I like to show up at school wearing this. Everything about this outfit screams autumn, I guess that’s why it’s so far my favorite one of Fall 2012. But the season have just started, there are still lots of new outfits to come and looks to try out! :)


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Wednesday, September 12

Three details that got matched today. Essence’s 111: english rose, rose gold watch (which doesn’t look so rosy in the photo) and this Autumn knit in similar color to nail polish.

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random selfies

random selfies

sushi | coffee | ice-cream pink ootd

(instagram: rosylayers)

Thursday, May 31 

half of the day was spent in the city with my friends. We ate sushi which was delish just as coffee we had afterwards. Window-shopping after all the eating was really nice. I wasn’t looking for something particular though. A couple of pretty things I saw go to my list of wants, not needs. Hey I might do a wishlist post after I finish this one! 

Time for outfit of the day part. I went with this ice-cream pink top today. There really isn’t a tone of pink called like that I’m sure, but the color of my top reminded me of strawberry ice cream so it just popped in my head.


nail color: Essence 53 You Belong To Me


mint & rosy

Wednesday, May 30 OUTFIT OF THE DAY


my cup of tea

past few days were so bright and amazing. Lots of bike rides, ice cream and sun. I’m so thankful for the latter. Beautiful weather instantly puts me in a good mood which makes me want to dress and look pretty. My pastel blazer have been truly a savior these days. It fits everything so perfectly, a key to a stylish look. My cup of  tea indeed.

Exam & OOTD

Tuesday, April 17

bonjour mademoiselles, guess who looked fabulous today. Wearing this outfit really made me feel confident at the exam, which went good! As I have mentioned, this was a part of the exam which includes only speaking task. I had a couple of months to prepare for it. I already know my result, it’s 17 points out of 18!! Congrats to me!

After reporting the speech, me and my friend went straight to the restaurant, where (as always) we ate pizza, and then this delicious apple pie yum..

going to post more photos today, cause I took more of them, stay tuned :)